Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flags & cake.

Ok, I was going to wait until Mason's birthday party to reveal my version of the Nod flags...but I hung them up yesterday & got so excited about them that I just can't wait!!

I hung them up in his play corner. I admit that I geek out every time I walk up the stairs & see them. My husband is probably getting tired of my high-pitched squeals of excitement & the constant fishing for compliments about them... but they are AWESOME!

Mason gives his seal of approval. We got him this pool as an early birthday present & it kept him occupied while I photographed my masterpiece.

Mason helped me shop for his birthday party food & I started on the cake when we got home from the grocery. The chocolate cake behaved itself wonderfully. The yellow was being a bit stubborn...

Normally I would have freaked about having this little catastrophe. (Can you say OCD?) But since I have ordered myself to not stress out about this party, I am assured that the cake will be cute & taste great! No one cares if it is perfect. Plus, I got to sample some of the crumbly bits!

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