Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Party.

My excitement for Mason's first birthday party has been growing since he was about 4 months old. It is now less than 2 weeks away... I need to get busy!

I mailed the invitations out last week. (They were super easy to make. Gotta love scrapbook paper!) The invitations also gave me a good chance to practice my calligraphy on the envelopes. And yesterday I finished the tablecloth that I will use on the food table at the party. (I will post on that tomorrow.)

After attending several birthday parties over the past year, I have come up with one big goal for the day: RELAX & HAVE FUN! I don't want to be so busy playing hostess that I forget to celebrate the day with my little man... it is my tendency to stress so I am really trying to stick to my goal of having fun with the planning & not worrying about every detail being perfect.

Check back in the next few weeks to see more about Mason's birthday. (Think cake-y thoughts!)

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  1. So excited! And don't worry, I'll remind you to have fun :)


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